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Bringing this over here, so we can get a wider feedback.  Cross posted and summarised from Kel's LJ

Mage LARP reschedule

Motion by kevinbunny: Move Mage LARP to Saturday, now that Open House isn't an inhibitor.

Motion seconded by kelsied.

Amendment Proposed by kit1508: Move Mage LARP to Saturdays opposite Changeling LARP, to reduce player wear-and-tear and minimize scheduling conflicts.

Proposed Amendment seconded by kelsied and fantasylite.

kevinbunny: I would like to voice my approval for the amended schedule, as this will give Jared extra time for planning and plotting, rather than having to keep track of two plot threads at once on a given weekend

cinnicat: I would like to hear commentary from fantasylite of any difficulties foreseeable from the proposed schedule of the Gamma World RPG at Dragon followed the next day by Mage LARP.

So, given that Gamma world will not be a conflict (Gamma world is easy for me to run, TSR did 90% of the work for me :) ) Would people be happy with this?

Sept. 17th RP [Buffy & Maia]

Maia is walking along one day when her phone rings. WIthout checking the phone id, she picks up "Hello?"

"Yo" Answerd the flat voice over the phone. "It's Buffy. Do you think we could meet? THere's something I wanted to talk to you about."

On the other side of the phone, Maia raised an eyebrow at this, frowning slightly. "Um, sure? When?...Where? And..." she paused. "Why?"

"Theres a cemitary on the corner of and ." The vampire hunter paused and frowned a bit. "Why don't you just come out, I rather not talk about this over the phone."

Buffy & Maia RP [finished]

(Done by Lucas & Gene over wordpad. Last one for now, honest.)

Late afternoon

Maia plopped down into the driver’s seat of her car, pulled out her cell phone, and pressed a key. (speed-dial)

After checking the caller ID and cursing under his breath Buffy answers the phone. “Yes?”

“Hey, can we talk?”

“We’re talking. Satisfied?”

Maia rolled her eyes. “Can we meet somewhere and talk? Like the park?”

“I’d rather not get shot. Again.”

Maiara & Maia [finished]

(RP done by Gene & Heather. Edited by Gene. Why is Heather's character's name so hard to SPELL??)

Sometime in the afternoon

Maia rolled unceremoniously out of bed, hitting the floor with a loud *smack*. Mumbling quietly under her breath, she got up, somewhat clumsily. Slowly, and carefully, she scanned the room, until her eyes finally landed on the telephone. Grumbling quietly, she headed somewhat unsteadily towards the telephone, and reached for it. She seemed to think a moment, then grabbed the phone and started to dial.

* Ring ring*

Maiara: Yeah? (She sounds a bit harried)

Maia: "Uh, hey, it's Maia..." Pause. "Uhh...how's it going?"

Maiara: Oh...hi Maia. (Pause.) What's up?

Maia: "Umm...Can we meet up somewhere and talk?" (she sounds kind of out of right, a lil)

Maiara: "Well...okay. I do have to get back to Sterling's to try and stop the spirit from causing too much more trouble...but...well. Fuck. I don't think it could do too much more harm right now anyway.

Maiara pauses.

Maiara: "You're not going to shoot me, are you? Or are you mad at me about Buffy? Or whatever?"

Buffy & Miaira RP [finished]

(RP stuff done by Lucas & Heather over yahoo messenger. Edited by Lucas.)
[The day after]

Maiara: I'm going to guess she opens her eyes, looks around...looks at the clothes, bits of blood, messed up door, and oh yeah, a naked Buffy next to her...and the night comes flooding back to her.

Buffy: I guess this is where I sleep peacefully in the dim light of the sewers

Maiara: However, what Maiara would do is sit up, against a wall...naked, of course, but cross-legged...and nudge him.

Buffy: I think I'd probably roll over, grope around, and mutter "Danielle?"

Buffy: Over about 10 seconds in which the past 6 months comes crashing back, and consequentially he opens his eyes, remembering who he's with...

Buffy: I think the first words out of his mouth are "Oh, fuck."

Roleplay: Maia & Buffy

(OOC: Lucas & Gene (me) figured this out together on a word document on my computer so now I'm posting it up since Lucas refuses to use Livejournal. Sorry it's so long but most of it is conversation stuff anyway.)

August 6, 2007


Maia’s apartment


            Maia stared at the phone, apparently deep in thought. She reached for the phone a few times, but hesitated each time, her hand hovering uncertainly over the phone. Finally, she sighed heavily, then abruptly picked up the phone and started to dial.


            Over at an out-of-the-way cemetery, before an unfinished headstone, a fairly unkempt and already sweaty Buffy pulled out Sterling’s phone and asked, ‘Hello?’


            “Hey, Jacob, um…” Maia paused, thinking of how to phrase her request. “You remember the dog from the, um..school?”

Things that go Bump

Alley tosses and and turns throughout the night. In a gulp of air, Alley wakes suddenly, images of a shattered Shade screaming at her from inside her dressing mirror fleeting from her consciousness.

The night is strangely silent. After an unnatural pause, she quickly rises and, semi-consciously stares into the darkness, first at the now black mirror, then out to the grave yard, to the Mausoleum. Quickly she dresses and hurries out of her room.
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OOC Post: PC-NPC* Opportunity.

Hi! We're looking for someone to play Max's therapist online, who is NOT a staff member. In general, we'd like the therapist to be relatively sane and willing to help for now... you may receive further direction from staff at a later time.

Go ahead and post here if you'd like to volunteer... or if you'd like us to keep you in mind for other PC-NPC opportunities. And of course, as always, feel free to ask questions, if there's anything you're not sure about!

*PC-NPC = A non-player-character subject to plot considerations and staff direction, but whose actions are largely controlled and shaped by a player, rather than by a staff member.
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Roleplay: Wandering the Mansion: Open to All

Timestamp: 8pm Tuesday March 6
Location: Sterling's Mansion

Max stops at a window and stares out at the cold bleak rain. She whirls, and resumes her pacing. For no particular reason, she falls into a left-hand wall-following pattern, trailing her fingers across furniture, walls, all at a consistent height. Every so often she stops to examine something in more detail. Caught up in her thoughts, her body language is open and easily read, but she appears to switch moods quickly, from languid to agitated, vague to focused, wistful to pained, then back again, in an endless combination of conflicting expressions.