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Gates of Gold: Mage LARP
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Community to handle out of character discussion and downtime character (inter)actions related to the Gates of Gold Mage LARP running out of Davis, CA.

Ground Rules

1. For those participating in the playtest: please do not post your rules comments here. We will handle those discussions in the debrief sessions after each playtest game, or you can e-mail staff at energeticravings(at)hotmail(dot)com.

2. If you post in-character scenes or information here, please clearly indicate if the information contained in your post is limited knowledge (i.e. only a select few characters know this, or are involved in the scene). Otherwise, those reading your post are entitled to assume that the information is common knowledge for anyone who wants to obtain it, and that anyone who wants to jump in on the roleplay can do so freely.

3. We'll give you extra XP if you maintain a journal for your character separately from this, and friend this community, so we can track your posts. To learn more, talk to staff.